30 Nov 2010

Maternity Photography

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Strangely enough my interest in maternity and newborn baby photography has heightened, I wonder why???
The imminent due date of my first baby may have had something to do with this. ;-)

Here are a few shots of my beautiful bump, what do you think?

All mums will know what an amazingly special and beautiful time being pregnant is. And although you feel like you have been pregnant forever, this beautiful time when your bump is so full and round seems to come and go so fast. Your time is suddenly being sucked up trying to finalize all your work and prepare for all your new duties as a mum.  I am delighted I managed to fit in one shoot at 34 weeks, I hope I get time to do one more before my little one arrives.

So if you are thinking of having maternity shots done my first piece of advice is, don’t put it off.



IMG_5783 IMG_5765

3 Responses to “Maternity Photography”

  1. Will Wassell says:

    Great work Liz!

  2. Elaine says:

    Brill Lizzy, not long to go now!!!

  3. Irish Plummer says:

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